For any organization, be it a start-up or a fortune 500 listed company, data is a key to making crucial decisions related to business. The data collection and web scraping services offered by us can help you in data extraction from various websites and processing that data in a required structure and format.

At Bulk Data Provider, our development experts use website scraper for web data extraction from tons of websites irrespective of the fact that it is a static web application or a dynamic one. Our team is always here to provide solutions to your problems. We make use of various OCR, OMR tools, and web scraping tools to help our clients in data mining in multiple formats such as scanned portable document formats (PDFs), images, etc. Our developers build automated scripts and deploy them on the cloud which eventually helps our clients and reduces the project TAT (Turn Around Time).

Our experts efficiently use web scraping with python and web scraping php to extract data from different websites in the format of a spreadsheet. They pull data from PDF files to MS Excel workbooks using VBA. Besides, they can also help in refining and processing the data in a requisite format as desired by the clients. The popularly demanded formats include Google sheets, HTML, JSON, CSV, SQL database, MS Excel, and many more.

Our extensive reports based on the obtained data can act as a driving force in the market research and crucial decision making for a company, thereby providing an upper hand in the everlasting competition in the market. Our team of professionals makes use of web scraping python, and some competent tools for data visualization including power BI and tableau, which provides more comprehensive discernments related to businesses by analyzing the patterns for different domains such as business operations, sales & marketing, etc.

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