Data Mining and Data Aggregation services


Our data aggregation and data mining services can extract high quality, useful, and meaningful data that is available anywhere on the web as well as file system archives, and produce it in a requisite format to the client.

We have an experienced team of python developers who can build custom applications on web scraping and screen scraping to meet your requirements and execute them on the entire web to obtain and deliver the data which is clean and well-formatted. We also provide custom web crawlers that are capable of web mining and crawling through various data sources including social media, blogs, business directories, news media, etc. to enable an improved accumulation of data. The collected data is delivered in the desired formats such as MS Excel, HTML, CSV, JSON, Google sheets, SQL database and many more.

Moreover, we also assist the organizations in data mining by providing various OMR and OCR, and other data mining toolsto facilitate data mining process from different sources like PDFs, databases, images, etc. With our data mining services, we assist our clients from multiple domains in carrying out data analysis and crucial decision making by providing clean and structured data which ready to be used and meets their requirements.

We are a leading data mining company that promises the following benefits of leveraging our services along with our web scraping tools.

  • Less prices
  • Improved TAT (Turn Around Time)
  • High quality of work
  • Availability of different output formats
  • Free sample of your customized output data
  • No Vendor Lock-In

After you have specified your requirements, data fields, and frequency, our experts will fetch meaningful data from numerous websites that will have multiple data fields and frequency.

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