Customized crawl bots web scraping


The customized crawl bots created by our expert developers at Bulkscraping can crawl through any websites on the web and pull data based on your needs. These crawl bots are potentially scalable and can deal with a huge amount of data.

These crawl bots are like Googlebot crawlers, however, customized to match your requirements and extract the data as per your needs. Moreover, these bots are customized in such a way that their frequency of visits is more on those websites which tend to change frequently.

These web crawling bots can fetch a refined, well structured, and ready to use web data because of their unique features such as relevancy, redundancy control, and parallelization. It is known that the most used and demanded formats for data analysis are CSV and XML. However, at Bulkscraping, the data is also made available in PDF, MS Excel, HTML, SQL Database, and JSON formats.

Apart from that, you can also build your custom web crawling scripts depending on your needs and the type of websites you want to fetch data from, like cascaded pages or AJAX drop-downs, infinite scrolls, with user login.

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